Virtual Conference

Mike Robinson

American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine, USA


Mike Robinson, the founder of the Global Cannabinoid Research Center in Santa Barbara, California, is a multiple Cancer survivor that's used cannabis oils of all types and nanotechnology extensively for Severe epilepsy, Chronic Lyme Disease, PTSD, and pain management for over a decade. Over the last 6 years, Mike has shared his journey and analytics on Cannabinoid Medicine research globally while assisting patients and helping to teach clinicians globally. 

Mike is the former Director of Consumer Affairs and Communications at The American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. Robinson has an extensive history of leading a large compassion program that provided countless disadvantaged cannabis patients with various alternative protocol treatments. He is a published researcher, journalist, and international cannabinoid research specialist. Mr. Robinson is a former registered Civil Rights lobbyist and non-attorney representing countless disabled children pro bono nationwide for over two decades. He's a past board member of Big Brothers and Sisters, and the founder of multiple nonprofits for disabled children. He is well known for adopting a severely disabled child, Genevieve, from the compassion program he once ran.

Research Interest

  • Imaging Research
  • Breast Cancer 
  • Cancer