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Ahmed Assar

Ahmed Assar

Police Authorities Hospitals, Egypt

Title: Correlation between CRP , IV hydrocortisone , systemic tranexamic acid and post mastectomy seroma


Multiple randomized trials with over a decade of follow-up have proved that BCS followed by radiation therapy is equally efficacious as mastectomy for treating breast cancer. Because the survival rate is equivalent, BCS has become the standard of care for women without contraindications to this approach.
The principle is to remove the tumor with surrounding margins of negative breast tissue and preserve the breast with acceptable cosmesis for the patient. Absolute contraindications to BCS include tumor presence in more than one breast quadrant, diffuse suspicious or indeterminate calcifications seen on mammography and contraindications to radiation therapy, such as first or second trimester of pregnancy or history of radiation therapy to the breast field for previous breast cancer or as part of treatment for another condition, such as Hodgkin's disease.


Ahmed Assar  has completed his M.SC at the age of 30 years from Menofiya University, Egypt. And now he is in Egyptian fellowship in general surgery and M.D studies to get the PHD . He is a General surgery specialist in police hospitals and Dar El Foad hospital in collaporation with cleaveland clinic , Egypt. He has been serving as a publisher  in several reputed journals.