Darya Frolova

Darya Frolova

Ivanovo State Medical Academy, Russia

Title: Clinical and pharmacological effects of vitamin D in breast cancer


Breast cancer (breast cancer) is a multifactorial disease, the development of which is associated with changes in the genome under the influence of external causes and hormones. It still remains one of the most common oncological diseases in the world
New ideas about vitamin D as a powerful steroid hormone have led to a significant reassessment of its physiological role in the human body, the violation of which can trigger excessive cell proliferation, reduced apoptosis and increased neoangiogenesis, that is, the key molecular mechanisms for the development of any malignant tumor.
The anti-oncological effect of vitamin D is based on the direct effect of vitamin D on the transcription of more than 3,000 genes involved in the regulation of cell growth, division and apoptosis.
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the possibility of the effect of vitamin D metabolites on the suppression of the occurrence and progression of a malignant breast tumor.


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