Niladri Shekhar Dey

Mata Gujri University, India

Title: Mechanistic Approach of Nanolipid Vesicles for Targeted Drug Delivery in Breast Cancer Chemotherapy


Cancer is the uncontrolled proliferation of cells which subsequent spread of other organs of the human body. The major therapeutic approaches of cancer treatment are chemotherapy to deliver the drug molecule in the correct amount to the desired site of action for longer duration of time for malignant Cells. Nanomedicine basically by passive as well as active targeting has been designed and framed for cancer chemotherapy recognition, diagnosis and treatment of the diseases. Nanomedicine such as nanoliposomes or nanolipid vesicles can be administered to the neoplastic cells for breast cancer treatment for passive targeting.  The advancement of nanomedicine will improve the therapeutic index of anticancer drug via modulation of pharmacokinetics and tissue distribution to targeted delivery. Due to nanosize range of the various carriers they may be easily entrapped of malignant cells for their leaky vasculature of basement membrane. Ligand molecule can be tagged with this nanodevices for recognize the malignant cells via active targeting purposes and drug can be release at the site of specific target area followed by predictable manner in predetermined time intervals. Antibodies or aptamer may be tagged with the linker molecule which act as a ligand molecule for active targeting so that the formulation easily recognize the malignant cells and release the the anticancer drug at the specific side of disease state. This novel strategy of drug delivery system is also applicable for conventional chemotherapy as well as metastatic state of the cancer patients. Targeting of neoplastic cells by nanocarriers play a vital role in novel drug delivery by protecting healthy normal cells from cytotoxicity.


Dr. Niladri Shekhar Dey has completed his PhD in Pharmacy in 2017 from the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. At present he is the professor and head of the department of Pharmaceutics of Mata Gujri College of Pharmacy, Mata Gujri University, Kishanganj, Bihar, INDIA.  His area of research interested in nanomedicine and targeted drug delivery in cancer chemotherapy. He attended and presented his papers in various national and international conferences. He has publications in national and international peer reviewed journals with high impact factor.  He has written of various books and author of book chapters in international level in the field of pharmaceutical science. He is the reviewer of research and review articles in international journals. He was the plenary speaker of International conference in U.K. and Spain (Madrid) in 2023.