Pramod Avti

Post Graduate institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), India

Title: Integrating approaches in evaluating and developing the breast cancer molecular entities for effective diagnostic and therapeutic approaches


Breast cancer is one of the most widespread malignancies and the leading cause of death globally. Breast cancer patients with low survival rates are attributed towards the genomic alterations of specific targets such as EGFR, ER and DNA repair check-point-sensor genes. Identification of specific high frequency mutation(s) needs utmost attention due to their involvement in the aggressive behavior of this cancer and one of the contributing factors for the low survival rates. Further the non-coding RNAs and their roles in regulating these targets or the DNA repair mechanism is an emerging area of biomedical research to address some of the unanswered questions. However, it is not only necessary to identify the high frequency genomic alterations and regulatory molecules/targets but also important to address at the molecular interaction level, molecular dynamic simulations and the network of these interactions to evaluate the stability of interacting molecules. This ensures to develop strong link at the molecular level which might address and translates to the overall physiological/metabolic changes during the breast cancer progression. Hence, our labs efforts for understanding some of such links and the analysis of the chemical/molecular entities and molecular dynamic interactions at different levels of the genomic variant targets and DNA repair mechanisms would provide a versatile platform for the overall diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.


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