Sergej Popovich

University of Health Sciences, Germany

Title: The Role of AI in Radiology Education


The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in radiology education represents a pivotal shift towards more efficient and personalized learning approaches. This presentation outlines the current landscape of radiology education and highlights the potential of AI to revolutionize it. Traditional apprenticeship models in radiology face challenges such as uneven distribution of clinical experiences among trainees, lack of expert feedback, and limited educational programs. AI, particularly through Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision algorithms, can address these limitations by automating case distribution and generating educational content. The use of NLP facilitates access to educational materials and creates the opportunity for individualized learning, while automation enriches learning experiences with a diverse range of cases and helps identify connections and patterns in medical data, which contributes to the development of new diagnostic methods. Furthermore, the presentation emphasizes the importance of cautious AI application, highlighting risks of dependency among novice radiologists and the need for a balanced curriculum that fosters both AI and traditional interpretive skills. Moreover, this presentation outlines the importance of the quality of programs and algorithms on which educational content is generated. The conclusion calls for the integration of AI in radiology curriculums and collaborative efforts to develop AI-enhanced educational programs, ensuring a comprehensive and future-ready radiology education.


Dr. Sergej Popovich has been developing professionally in the field of radiology for more than 20 years, especially in breast radiology. He is the Chief physician of the Mammography Department at the Evidia Medical Center in Hamburg, Germany. Dr. Sergej Popovich is an OnkoZert expert at the Breast Cancer Center certification, showcasing his significant contribution to the field. With an MBA in Healthcare from the University of Düsseldorf, Dr. Sergej Popovich is actively developing the international project Mammologicum aimed at teaching physicians and contributing to the advancement of radiology education on a global scale.