Virtual Conference
Adnan Yousif Rojeab

Adnan Yousif Rojeab

The London College UCK, United Kingdom

Title: Novel strategy to cure cancer


The cancer is a phenomenon of special reaction mechanism, which is functioning against the threat of severely acted tissues in the body. It is only created to eliminate severe damages and dangerous that occur in the cells of the body, when the immune system fails to cure the damages.
The effect of the cancer could only be ended when a direct, right and simple treatment method should be applied to cure the previous diseases that have caused the cancer, but not to attempt to treat the cancer itself.

For the telomere matter, cancer cells have similar lengthening characteristics of the telomere, [in every DNA replication], to those of germ and stem cells. While in somatic cells the telomere is shortening in every DNA replication.  

May be, a possible method to eliminate the cancer, is by applying a suitable amount and direction of a magnetic action on opposing the cancer cells. This method, could be, inhibited the lengthening of the telomere of the cancer cells, towards the somatic cells characteristics. Where, then, this application could be accepted as a method of vanishing the cancer.
Keywords: Cancer Natural Action, History of Old Diseases, Lengthening the Telomere, New Strategy to Treat the Cancer, Telomere Similarity of Cancer and Germ Cells, Treat Old Diseases before Cancer.


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