Virtual Conference

Eloisa Fritsche

University Center for Development of Alto Vale do Itajai, Brazil

Title: Stewart-Treves Syndrome: A Case Report


Stewart-Treves syndrome is a very rare lymphangiosarcoma with a poor prognosis. It usually develops in female patients after mastectomy with axillary lymph node dissection and is associated with chronic lymphedema. Stewart-Treves angiosarcoma is described in less than 1% of all soft tissue sarcomas, of which 0.5% occur in radically mastectomized patients. The case reported below describes the diagnosis and treatment of Stewart-Treves syndrome, with an initial clinical presentation of cutaneous lesions characteristic of the syndrome, manifesting ipsilaterally 22 years after quadrantectomy and radical right lymphadenectomy with adjuvant radiotherapy, the reported patient achieved, extraordinarily, a 12-year survival, far beyond the cases published to date.


Eloisa Fritsche is currently in the tenth phase of the medical program at UNIDAVI - University Center for Development of Alto Vale do Itajai. She has been guided by the esteemed Dr. Lucio Flavo Dalri, who holds a Medical degree from the Faculty of Medicine of Teresopolis (1982) and completed medical residencies at Santa Casa de Misericordia in Rio de Janeiro (1988) and Hospital and Maternity Praça XV (1988). Currently, Dr. Lucio serves at Alto Vale Regional Hospital and holds the role of medical coordinator at the Center for Women's Care at Samaria Hospital and Maternity. Additionally, he coordinates the Women’s Health Center in the city of Rio do Sul. Dr. Lucio's dedication extends to education as he imparts his knowledge as a professor of the Medicine Course at the University Center for the Development of the Alto Vale do Itajai. With an illustrious career, he has contributed significantly to the scientific community, being an editorial board member for several renowned scientific journals, boasting numerous publications, and actively participating in national and international congresses.