Virtual Conference

Mansour Ashoor

Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute, Iran

Title: Prediction of breast cancer growth using MRI


A lot of researches have been paid attention on the breast cancer shown in the medical images. Breast tumors may be a participation of dissimilar types or combination of invasive and in situ cancer. Due to this cancer has progressively grown rather than the others, quantitative assessment of it by the noninvasive imaging method such as MRI has been employed intensively in the medical field. In this study, a new function using the appropriate suggestions on the relaxation times in MRI is proposed in which by introducing the distinct index, the new maps are produced. These maps have indicated the breast cancer growth trend and prediction of their rate as well as with good signal to noise ratio. Our finding may help to form the preliminary sources of breast cancer quantitatively.

Keywords: Breast cancer, relaxation times, signal to noise ratio, MRI.


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