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Marjan Sadoogh

Marjan Sadoogh

Breast Imaging Specialist at Envision Radiology, USA

Title: Enhanced Breast Cancer Screening: Combining 3Dand Standard Mammograms for improved and Reduced Need for Additional Imaging


Breast Cancer is a significant health concern, and mammography remains a crucial tool for its early detection. . This abstract presents the findings based on my years of experience in Breast health, highlighting the advantages of combining 3D mammograms with standard mammograms for enhanced breast cancer detection and a reduced need for additional imaging. The enhanced clarity and detailed images obtained from 3D mammograms minimize the occurrence of inconclusive findings and ultimately improving patient outcomes. Furthermore, the integration of 3D mammography into routine breast cancer screening has shown a slight increase in the number of cancers detected during screening the screening process.


Marjan Sadoogh comes with  background in the field of healthcare, particularly in breast imaging and mammography. With 30+ years of experience, she has held various positions and demonstrated skills in clinical education, business development, and more. Currently, she is a Breast Imaging Specialist at Envision Radiology, LLC, Her focus on patient safety and quality is evident throughout her career.